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CNC beam drilling machine, russia customer

For China twelve zodiac signs,second group will be tiger and rabbit, tiger means brave, rabbit means cautious, Jinan Supertime machine character and design also follow that principle, suchasCNC beam drilling machine, (onecustomers inspection before shipment exactly like Snowden,brave but cautious ),the wholecharacter when design will be very cautious, but when drilling the workpiece,(H beam, U beam ,Box beam ) will be very fast and smoothly, like tiger ,quickbut have rabbit cautious , high precision drilling positioning . Brave and caution must closely together to makebold but cautious. If left the cautious, brave becomes reckless, instead of abold, become timid. This group is also very important .

JinanSupertime Technology Design  Engineerswill still insist that principle , cautious but not limit ,innovation but notreduce the whole quality . 20 years professional CNC machine experience willprompt us walk to wonder future ,CNC beam drilling machinewill win every customers .

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,ltd welcome your ,

Kate Guo
Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,ltd

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