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Growth is the source of enterp...
Growth is the source of enterprise survival, innovation is themotivation of the development of enterprises, for the enterprise, not only toinnovation, technology innovation, corporation culture should go ahead. Corporationculture has been accompanied by the enterprise and the development of socialculture and continuous development, to strengthen the construction ofenterprise culture is the eternal theme of enterprises. Jinan SupertimeTechnology Co., Ltd , in a growing company strength at the same time, moreemployees created a platform, better show staff style, to show the enterpriseculture

Spontaneously formed "SupertimeLove Fund"
Tohelp more people in need of help, in order to better pass it on"love", to realize superman spontaneously formed to recognize the"charity offer the compassion, help each other to see the truth" asthe theme of the Supertime Love Fund, to recognize love fund since itsinception, has organized more than 10 times of fundraising, love charity saleacti.
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Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,ltd

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